Once a moral leader, now a psychiatric facility

The fruits of the current reactionary tendencies in the Netherlands are felt everywhere. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening. Hatred against foreigners, particularly Eastern Europeans and even slightly colored people is at an all time high. Recipients of social benefits are forced to useless and humiliating labour and the difference in treatment of convicted criminals on community service and the poor living off welfare has become negligible. A policeman that kills an unarmed colored youngster, because he cannot aim at their their legs when panicking, is not convicted for man slaughter. A politician with a career spanning almost 25 years without any name worthy achievements is because of his daily rants with insults and offenses honored the title ‘politician of the year’, despite his numerous associations with racists, homophobes and neonazis. Continue reading

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Geert Wilders and the mastery of emptiness

The following is a transcript of a three minutes interview with Dutch politician Geert Wilders, leader of the Freedom party (Dutch: Partij Voor de Vrijheid, or PVV), by BBC News Europe Editor, Gavin Hewitt: Geert Wilders on bringing down EU. There is a longer article by Mr Hewitt on his blog: Geert Wilders sees European elections chance.

For months now, the PVV is leading in most polls, the national economy is shrinking, unemployment is on the rise and anti-EU sentiments are rife in the Netherlands. Mr. Wilders considers himself the only one capable to salvage the wrecked country, which gives him the prospect of 15-20% of the vote in the upcoming European elections. Continue reading

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Geert Wilders recently on Civil Compatibility Issues

The following is a raw transcript from the last minutes of a half hour video interview with Dutch politician Geert Wilders, as found on YouTube. Towards the end of the interview, the interviewer asks Wilders to elaborate on the concept of the nation state and Israel as example. The interview was taken after Mr. Wilders’ speech at a conference in Los Angeles on June 9th, 2013.

It is worth listening to the entire interview for a couple of reasons. Indeed, much has been said before by Mr. Wilders, but there are a few remarkable new statements. He talks about shared interests between the US and Europe, particularly fighting ‘islamization’. Wilders states again that islam not being a religion but a dangerous, totalitarian ideology similar to fascism and communism. In this context, he refers to Christianity, Judaïsm and Humanism being both religion and ideology and ‘what we are’ in terms of heritage and identity. He also claims that Muslims are an ‘enormous’ political force in the Netherlands and that the main difference with the US is that most people in Europe live comfortably off benefits at the expense of hard working people on minimum wage. Continue reading

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Lodging objection, fully catered, including death threat

Today, another fresh death threat has been delivered to the address of the country’s one and only freedom fighter and fortune teller Geert Wilders. Dutch daily Telegraaf reported quoting Dutch Middle-East reporter Harald Doornbos that Wilders was found in fourth place on a death list discovered on “a web forum.” This important news spread like wildfire on social media and other news outlets. Excellent results for our political athlete who walked today on the Binnenhof [inner court of the Dutch parliament] with a sign stating that his party will lodge an objection [against EU membership], surrounded by an army of journalists and security guards. Such a heavy message board is hard to handle as the leader of a single member party and chairman of the Freedom Party’s fraction in the Dutch Commons, so the other party fraction chairman, Drs. M.J.R.L. de Graaff of the Freedom Party-group in the Senate, gave his boss a hand to carry this heavy burden. Continue reading

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Homophobes in support of Wilders campaign

Today, Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders addressed an audience of supporters in Liverpool, a suburb of Sidney, Australia. Liverpool is one of the most multicultural areas’s in the Sidney region, with 12% of the population being Muslim. Today he told his audience that Sydney has already fallen victim to Islamisation, whilst many members of the media were blocked from entering the venue, despite being told by the organiser, the Q Society, that they would be allowed to attend.

One of Wilders ‘arguments’ is that Islam is bad for gays, but anyone supporting his Islamphobic ideas can be anti-gay as well. Unsurprisingly when you’re familiar with the rhetoric and spin, many of his supporters and promotors are staunch anti-gay rights activists, but since no one in the Netherlands knows these people, it’s not an issue. Thus, Wilders can continue to promote his message of hate under false pretenses, even with the support of politicians that furiously deny equal rights for gays and lesbians or even their right to be alive at all. Continue reading

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Wilders’ world of freedom, security and conspiracy

Controversy continuous while Dutch politician Geert Wilders is touring Australia. Many mostly conservative media outlets support his views, although he claims he does not want meddle in Australian politics. Only few politicians gave their support, like the homophobic Cori Bernardi or the Christian anti-abortion lobbyist Jim Wallace. His speech in Perth has been cancelled; no venue wanted to host the event. He is heavily guarded and venues are under tight security restriction, which has become sort of his trade mark. According to some Australians, after hearing Mr. Wilders talk, there is no freedom of speech in the Netherlands, because Mr. Wilders lives in hiding and is surrounded day and night by security officers. But that does not prevent him from talking. On the contrary, no other politician has received so much attention in the press and air time on television in the Netherlands. And looking at media reports, he does not seem to suffer from attention deficit in Australia neither. He has turned his threat into a relatively successful personal political business. Continue reading

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Geert Wilders hate tour not a success

Geert Wilders, the controversial Dutch MP currently visiting Australia held a press conference yesterday, some 40 minutes northwest of Melbourne. The event was poorly attended and there were no protests, but Mr. Wilders was accompanied by twelve dark suited security officers, five of whom are Dutch civil servants.

He revealed that he did not intend to incite hatred and called the Quran “a fascist book”, the prophet Mohamed “a terrorist and a pedophile”. He accused people who disagree with his views of not being vigilant or ignorant of the dangers looming. His prime message to Australia was to ban the Quran and to stop immigration from ‘Muslim-countries’, even when they were Christians. Continue reading

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Dutch MP warns for Muslims whilst on holiday in Australia

Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders is currently on tour in Australia. He has only one core business: the defamation of anyone who does not agree with him on Islam and immigration. He is on a mission to warn the entire world of a conspiracy to overthrow the west and to destroy our freedom, using himself as live evidence. The perpetrators of this evil are the joint forces of Muslims, immigrants and leftwing politicians, who according to Mr. Wilders want to destroy Dutch values and plan to enslave or even kill us. To support his views, he calls his own words “the truth” and anyone who dares to criticise him is referred to as blind, naive, even a fascist, a nazi, a socialist and a friend of terrorists, someone who collaborates with the enemy to turn Europe into an Arabian and communist colony. Continue reading

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Bleached Pompadour Goes Down Under Via Morocco

Next week Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders visits Australia. He was explaining his intention yesterday in an interview, live from The Hague in the Lateline program on Australian television channel ABC. In a twenty minute interview Wilders spoke about his sacred mission, his global jihad to preserve our freedom. His most remarkable statement was that Dutch citizens with dual nationality should be stripped of their Dutch nationality after committing a crime, because so they do in Morocco after all. Apart from that statement, it was one of his regular worn-out tunes, in which he propagates fear and hate to supposedly save our freedom. Notably on the same day that the Australian Parliament has recognized Aborigines as the first people on the continent.

Continue reading

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