Bleached Pompadour Goes Down Under Via Morocco

Next week Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders visits Australia. He was explaining his intention yesterday in an interview, live from The Hague in the Lateline program on Australian television channel ABC. In a twenty minute interview Wilders spoke about his sacred mission, his global jihad to preserve our freedom. His most remarkable statement was that Dutch citizens with dual nationality should be stripped of their Dutch nationality after committing a crime, because so they do in Morocco after all. Apart from that statement, it was one of his regular worn-out tunes, in which he propagates fear and hate to supposedly save our freedom. Notably on the same day that the Australian Parliament has recognized Aborigines as the first people on the continent.

Some tweets during the program Lateline. Click on the image to read more comments.

Some tweets during the program Lateline. Click on the image to read more comments.

Wilders stressed that he did not want to interfere in Australian politics, but on the question of the reporter whether he intended to warn the Australian public of the consequences of mass immigration of Muslims, he replied affirmatively. According to Wilders, Australia was like the Netherlands, a country built on Christian, Jewish and humanist values, which offers no room for a “totalitarian ideology”. He compared himself to the Australian soldiers from the Second World War, who like himself had fought for “our” freedom.

Also, he regularly said that he spoke “the truth”. Wilders stated that non-Western immigrants, including many Muslims, were at the top of the crime statistics and that women wearing a burqa on the streets was no exception anymore (in fact, about 50 women in the Netherlands wear a burqa which is made illegal two years ago). He told us that Islam is not a religion, but an evil ideology like communism and fascism. And that there is moderate Islam does not exist and that it is a mistake to think it does. And that no one understands him, because Wilders has nothing against Muslims. And that he was no extremist, because many people vote for him. And not only the Netherlands, but Europe is overrun by criminal immigrants and Muslims.

If you are a citizen Morocco with a dual nationality, if you commit a crime in Morocco you are stripped Moroccan nationality and send to our own country. We can learn from them in that respect.

Someone born in the Netherlands with dual Dutch and Moroccan nationality who committed a crime should be stripped from Dutch nationality, because they do that in Morocco also. And that he was not a racist, because we in the Netherlands had absolutely no problems with Australians or Sweden. And that he was right, because the crime statistics showed that 75% of Moroccans arrested at least once been. The reporter pointed out that the real facts show around 40%, but Wilders corrected and said that those numbers were two years old. Today, he was right. Just like yesterday and tomorrow. And that no one really understands him, as he is the only one who speaks the truth. They can prepare for a big laugh next week in Australia.

At the expense of Dutch citizens a parliamentarian is traveling under the guidance of five Dutch security officers next week to the other side of the world to warn Australians on not yet disclosed locations about the multicultural society, immigrants, Muslims and communists. The only reason why we in the Netherlands have a crisis is that we permit to have this kind of racist antics as an export product, which will only provide even more negative impulses to our society and economy. Freedom of expression is not necessarily that everyone must hear what Wilders has to say. If you do not want to hear, then he argues that he is being threatened. It’s the logic of a socially isolated man, trapped in his own delusions.

Note to Australians. @Wltrrr is available to warn about the rise of far right in the Netherlands and Europe and how it can poison your multicultural society based on reason, tolerance and mutual respect.

You can watch the interview and read a transcript here.

This article was originally in Dutch and published earlier at Krapuul, ‘Chloorkuifje gaat Down Under via Marokko‘. You can read more articles in Dutch by @Wltrrr here.


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