Geert Wilders hate tour not a success

Geert Wilders, the controversial Dutch MP currently visiting Australia held a press conference yesterday, some 40 minutes northwest of Melbourne. The event was poorly attended and there were no protests, but Mr. Wilders was accompanied by twelve dark suited security officers, five of whom are Dutch civil servants.

He revealed that he did not intend to incite hatred and called the Quran “a fascist book”, the prophet Mohamed “a terrorist and a pedophile”. He accused people who disagree with his views of not being vigilant or ignorant of the dangers looming. His prime message to Australia was to ban the Quran and to stop immigration from ‘Muslim-countries’, even when they were Christians.

He told the audience that premier Ted Baillieu was ignoring “the truth” but that one day voters would wake up. Prior to his visit, Mr. Wilders had suggested that he was not coming to Australia to interfere with Australian politics. Again, he warned Australia not to think that what according to Mr. Wilders is happening or has already happened in Europe could not happen in Australia.

Most revealing was his appeal to 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide to convert to Christianity or Atheism.  This would be, according to Mr. Wilders, “be good for them and also for our free society.” He said, contrary to his statements made earlier, that he had nothing against the multicultural society of Australia, but that he opposed ‘cultural relativism’.

Meanwhile his speech in Perth has been cancelled. No venue wants to host Mr. Wilders’ message of fear and hate towards immigrants and Muslims. The organiser of the tour, the anti-islam group Q Society, claims that the cancellation is a prime example of Australia already fallen victim to ‘islamisation’.

In Melbourne, protesters called Mr. Wilders a racist and clashed with the police. Some tried to prevent visitors from entering the venue where Mr. Wilders had his first public address today.


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