Once a moral leader, now a psychiatric facility

The fruits of the current reactionary tendencies in the Netherlands are felt everywhere. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening. Hatred against foreigners, particularly Eastern Europeans and even slightly colored people is at an all time high. Recipients of social benefits are forced to useless and humiliating labour and the difference in treatment of convicted criminals on community service and the poor living off welfare has become negligible. A policeman that kills an unarmed colored youngster, because he cannot aim at their their legs when panicking, is not convicted for man slaughter. A politician with a career spanning almost 25 years without any name worthy achievements is because of his daily rants with insults and offenses honored the title ‘politician of the year’, despite his numerous associations with racists, homophobes and neonazis.

Tales of conspiracies enjoy greater popularity also. In Dutch quality newspaper NRC, rising conservative star Thierry Baudet was granted the opportunity to tell us that the European Union was a conspiracy of an elite that wants to oppress us and to take everything away from us, not withstanding the fact that the EU has been dominated by rightwing conservative national governments for over a decade. Not relevant, for now. Presenting the EU as a terrifying all-consuming monster is good for half of the electorate. Another approved method is to falsely accuse people of pedophilia. The case of Joris Demmink is still stalking the nation. The former head of the Dutch Public Prosecution Service is seen by some at the centre of a huge network of the leftwing political elite, that uses asylum seekers to lure minors into sexual abuse. This story is advocated enthusiastically by criminals and corrupt businessmen — a Demmink registration point is lead by the founder of the Chipshol group — because of course, they too feel threatened by the justice department.

Very illustrative was the ‘discussion’ about Zwarte Piet (Black Pete), that made many foreign journalists raise eyebrows. If you are not familiar with the cultural background you will probably see a remnant of the Dutch colonial past, of past times when it was quite common to look down on colored people as lesser beings. Neonazi groups demonstrated happily along for the preservation of this old-Dutch tradition, that has come under threat by blacks and communists. The Freedom Party (PVV) asked questions to the government. Anyone who dared to criticize this ‘tradition’ was met with verbal abuse and accused of treason. And in case you were non-white you were called an ape that doesn’t belong here and should be returned to the jungle. Dutch celebrities receive extra attention in the media when they do not make a secret their racism which they see as an act of cheerful charity.

Naturally, it is not strange that in this cultural climate the costs for care have more than doubled in the past ten years. Of course, Muslims, negro’s and foreigners are to blame, as they are also to blame for rising unemployment, crime rates and the high prices of a house or beer. Freedom simply means to drive as fast as possible. In response to the article of Baudet, some suggested to be reluctant when publishing an opinion that is largely based on a collection of lies and stories of conspiracies, because they do not support a meaningful discussion about the EU. The reaction to this response was typical to our time. It was a call to censorship by an elite that is against the people and an attempt to suppress critics of the EU, that is both national socialist and communist at the same time. NRC not giving attention to UFO’s and chemtrails is of course the ultimate evidence of the plot against us.


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No, I'm not Walter Benjamin. But I am interested in current affairs, framing, populism, spin. Also looking for more sarcasm, parodies and satire, politics, art. Alter ego of @wvdc
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