Dutch MP warns for Muslims whilst on holiday in Australia

Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders is currently on tour in Australia. He has only one core business: the defamation of anyone who does not agree with him on Islam and immigration. He is on a mission to warn the entire world of a conspiracy to overthrow the west and to destroy our freedom, using himself as live evidence. The perpetrators of this evil are the joint forces of Muslims, immigrants and leftwing politicians, who according to Mr. Wilders want to destroy Dutch values and plan to enslave or even kill us. To support his views, he calls his own words “the truth” and anyone who dares to criticise him is referred to as blind, naive, even a fascist, a nazi, a socialist and a friend of terrorists, someone who collaborates with the enemy to turn Europe into an Arabian and communist colony. Continue reading

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Bleached Pompadour Goes Down Under Via Morocco

Next week Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders visits Australia. He was explaining his intention yesterday in an interview, live from The Hague in the Lateline program on Australian television channel ABC. In a twenty minute interview Wilders spoke about his sacred mission, his global jihad to preserve our freedom. His most remarkable statement was that Dutch citizens with dual nationality should be stripped of their Dutch nationality after committing a crime, because so they do in Morocco after all. Apart from that statement, it was one of his regular worn-out tunes, in which he propagates fear and hate to supposedly save our freedom. Notably on the same day that the Australian Parliament has recognized Aborigines as the first people on the continent.

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